Red Pearl Mission (A non-profit 501c3 company)

Red Pearl Mission, a non-profit 501c3 company born out of Jarred Coates' heart for the incarcerated, is attempting to create moving and impactful short films and corresponding study guides in order to help lead people to Jesus. Our main purpose is to serve men, women, and youth by sharing with them Scripture and Christian values. Our message to them is to value themselves as children of God and to free their imprisoned spirits from lack of forgiveness and self-worth, shame, guilt, anger, and fear.

Our short films and study guides are targeted to those incarcerated and at-risk youth. However, the message is universal and can be a source of encouragement, spiritual growth, and restoration for all.

View the website www.redpearlmission.org for more information.

View some of the production images for the Movie Classic Restoration movie.