Production Services

Louisiana Tax Credits and Services

Tax credits, studios, crew, and gumbo luring you to Louisiana? By partnering with Louisiana based company, Red Entertainment, you are ensured up to a 30% tax credit and more. Additionally, Red can link you with the most qualified production-related Louisiana vendors and crew, hence, making your return even greater. Red Entertainment can produce and manage your project in the Gulf state region with skill and ease, taking the weight off your shoulders.

The great state of Louisiana is home to America’s most exquisite bayou landscape, but it’s the state’s tax credits making it one of the hottest production zone outside of California. The credit is available on every dollar spent in Louisiana to local vendors and crew.

Red Entertainment will guide you every step of the way to ensure you receive full eligibility for every production dollar spent and oversee the return of your tax credits.

Please click the link to see the updated and renewed amazing tax credits offered by the State of Louisiana.



Our Primary Services:

Red Entertainment Group offers services for any and all parts of your project. Red partners with companies to provide cutting edge technology and top quality service, providing the best production experience possible.

Red Entertainment handles all types of projects including:

  • Feature Films
  • Television
  • EPK
  • Commercial
  • Print
  • Music
  • Documentaries

Red Entertainment has built great relationships with the Louisiana Film Commission, local crews, vendors, and other production companies. Red Entertainment will manage your project from development to post and will execute it with dedication and creativity.

Other Red Services:

  • Development Assistance
  • Financing Negotiations
  • Professional Crews
  • EPK
  • Tax Incentive Procedures
  • Motion Picture Trailers
  • Trucks and Wagons
  • Mobile Production Offices
  • Catering
  • Grip and Electric
  • Baton Rouge Studio Space
  • Production Offices
  • Casting
  • Film and HD Camera Packages
  • Locations
  • Production Legal Services
  • Green Screen Stages
  • Production Insurance
  • Medical Assistance