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Thinking of Louisiana For Your Next Film? Think Red Entertainment!

Tax credits and all that jazz luring you to Louisiana? By partnering with Louisiana based company, Red Entertainment, you are ensured up to a 35% tax credit. Additionally, Red can link you with the most qualified production-related Louisiana vendors and crew, hence, making your return even greater. Red Entertainment can produce and manage your project in the Gulf state region with skill and ease, taking the weight off your shoulders.

The great state of Louisiana is home to America’s most exquisite bayou landscape, but it’s the state’s tax credits making it the hottest production zone outside of California. The credit is available on every dollar spent in Louisiana to local vendors and crew.

Red Entertainment will guide you every step of the way to ensure you receive full eligibility for every production dollar spent and swift receipt of your tax credits

  1. Expenditures: Marketing and promotion expenses shall be a qualifying expense category for certain expenditures made in Louisiana.
  2. Applicants: “Louisiana indigenous production” expending $50,000 to $300,000, upon meeting certain Louisiana payroll requirements shall be eligible for a tax credit of 30% of base investment.
  3. Projects: State-certified productions meeting certain criteria may aggregate a slate of no more than three productions to reach the $300,000 threshold for participation in the program.
  4. Screenplay: State-certified productions based upon a screenplay which meet certain Louisiana ownership criteria shall eligible for an additional 15% credit of base investment.
  5. Music: State-certified productions utilizing music meeting certain Louisiana ownership criteria shall be eligible for an additional credit of 15% of base investment to the extent of music expenditures.
  6. Louisiana resident payroll: Compensation for services paid directly to a Louisiana resident shall be eligible for a 10% credit.

Check out Louisianaentertainment.gov and FilmBatonRouge.com and Louisianaforward.com for more in depth information on Louisiana’s amazing tax incentives!